Tractor-Trailer Towing

We Tow Tractor-Trailers of All Sizes 

Let Our Tow Truck Service Get You Back On The Road
It takes a lot of strength from a tow truck to tow a car, much less a tractor-trailer. However, that’s no problem for us at Home Motors, Inc. in San Angelo, TX. We have all the heavy-duty tow trucks and equipment needed to safely and securely lock your tractor-trailer in place for easy transportation, and take it to the nearest repair shop. The professionals of Home Motors Inc. have a great deal of experience towing tractor-trailers of all kinds and sizes. We take on the biggest jobs and the biggest trucks, because we have the largest fleet of tow trucks in the area. Our fleet consists of flatbeds, lift beds, tow trucks, and more.

No matter what you’re driving, whether it be a light or medium duty truck, heavy-duty semi-truck, tractor-trailer or other type of big rig, we can get you off the road and to safety in no time. 

Here for You 24 Hours a Day

We know that breaking down on the highway during rush hour traffic can be a nightmare for you and other drivers. Backups, delays, and potential accidents can result from a broken-down truck on a major roadway or a damaged one after a crash. Rest assured, when you call Home Motors in the areas we serve, we’ll tow your truck out of harm’s way and off the road as soon as possible. Our renowned towing company works fast for your safety and that of others. 

Call us when you need tractor-trailer towing in San Angelo, TX; Big Lake, TX; or Winters, TX. 

Tow Truck Service San Angelo, TX
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